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Academic Calendar : 2016-17

1st  Session : 13 June 2016 – 22nd Oct. 2016 and 2nd  Session : 14 November 2016 – 29th. April 2017

Sr. NO.
Dates/Days of week


June 2016

Work of Admission Committee

Opening of College

College Council Meeting

Submission Plan by teacher

Commencement of classroom teaching work

Interaction with Alumni

8th June 

13th June 

13th June 

16th June 

Last week of June


July 2016

Admitted students counseling

Games and Sports activity of first phase

Departmental extension activity

Registration of N.S.S

Review of curriculum

2nd  week of July 

3rd week of July

Last week July

Last day of Month


August 2016

Last date of Admission

Principal’s address of the students

First Unit Test

Independence day Celebration

Formation of Student Council

Review of curriculum

1st week of August 

1st week of August

3rd week of August

15th August

4th week of August

Last day of Month


September 2016

Teacher Day Celebration

Programmed of cultural activities & co-curriculum

Inter Collegiate spots activities and Tournaments etc

Review of curriculum.

5st September

Last day of Month


October 2016

Second Unit Test

Parents Meeting

Review of curriculum

College council Meeting

Diwali vacation

1st. week of Oct.

2nd.  week of October

3rd.   week of October

22nd. October

23rd. Oct. To 13th. November