For Under-graduate courses leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, the following combination of subjects are offered.

B.A. Part – I, II & III

Compulsory Subjects

  • 1.   English

  • 2.   Marathi or Hindi or Sanskrit or Urdu

Optional Subjects :

Any Three of the following optional subjects

  • 1.   Sanskrit Literature  OR Music OR  English Literature

  • 2.   Geography OR  Political Science

  • 3.   Sociology Or Psychology OR Philosophy

  • 4.   Hindi Literature OR Marathi Literature OR Urdu Literature


  • 1.   B.A. II & III students should appear in the same subject offered in B.A. I.

  • 2.   Subjects offered at B.A. I level should not be changed at B.A. II & B.A. III level.

  • 3.   Medium of instruction will be Marathi, Hindi and English

  • 4.   Student will not be allowed to option for more than two practical subjects at B.A. I, B.A. II & B.A. III level. Subjects once offered should not be changed.