Distinctiveness of the Institution

Distinctiveness of the Institution
  • The distinctiveness of this institution lies in the extra efforts that are incessantly taken to bring up great artists, performers in cultural field. With the help of the guidance and special coaching of expert teachers, and the fertils, peaceful and creative environment available in this campus, the artist in students blossom into highly talented and sophisticated level of performance. It can be noticed that most of the colleges focus on the intellectual development of students while talking about their all-round development. But they scarcely pay attention to their vocational, cultural, emotional and overall personality development. But our college devotes its full focus on these areas normally neglected in other institutions.
  • Special significance is assigned to the music department of the college as it is the only department offering post-graduation. Another specialty of this department is that the teaching faculty here is renowned performing artists as well as A Grade artist of ‘Akashwani’. Planning and conducting lots of competition in the college and taking part in various competitions at other places help to improve the confidence and stage daring of students.
  • Music being a performing art, students should get better opportunities for performance which will improve their stage daring, confidence and ensure good performance, for this college has MOU with “Sanskar Bharati” a well-known national level socio-cultural organization. An example to prove this is the great performance on Marathi New Year “Gudhi Padwa” yearly organized “Padwa Pahat”, where along with the renowned artists our students and teachers exhibit their talents and win accolades.

  • Similarly in 2018-19, the Sanskar Bharati organized program to honor renowned musician sudhir phadke, and famous author, G.D. Mandgulkar, on the occasion of his centenary celebration, the musical creation “Geet Ramayan’s” 151 programmers were performed. The students and teachers of the college performed as artists and contributed immensely for the success of this program.
  • Department of music has a Mou with Amravati. “Sangeet Kalopasak Sabha”, Amravati and they plan and organize programs together. Other than this in the various cultural activities conducted by Sangeet kalopasak and ‘Ambadevi Sangeet Seva Samaroh’, musical instruments and students as co-artists are da that the University sane the University is composed and sung by our college department of Music. It is quite creditable that in the yearly Convocation program of the university, the live performance of University song is the prestigious privilege of our college. There is every possibility that based on their excellent performance maximum students of music will get good job offers. But those who do not get handsome job and payment opt for conducting coaching and tuitions classes as earning source and to propagate and pursue their passion.